Disorderly Conduct: Tales of the 1960’s

Disorderly Conduct: Tales of the 1960s, by Bill Dixon

What A Group They Were!

PhD’s, high school dropouts, gays, heterosexuals, lesbians, professors, students, gas station attendants and many more.

Buy a copy for your OSU fan!

Buy a copy for your OSU fan!

This book is a politically incorrect rollick through the late 1960’s when Dixon was a student at The Ohio State University.  Each chapter details, in amusing and engaging fashion, the misadventures and misbehaviors of a small, eccentric group of friends headquartered at a unique campus area bar and grill.

Pop on a tie-dyed tee shirt, open the book and head down to the Round Up with us.  Harry’s saved you a seat and the party’s about to start.

209 pages, copyright 2009, soft cover
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